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Meine Top-50 Lieblingsfilme:

The Good The Bad & The Ugly; The Big Wednesday; His Girl Friday; Blow Out; Rio Bravo; Taxi Driver; Carrie; King Boxer; Magnificent Obsession; Rolling Thunder; The Great Escape; Master Of The Flying Guillotine; For A Few Dollars More; Django; Il Mercenario; Once Upon A Time In The West; Coffy; The Thing; My Bloody Valentine; Battle RoyaleSnake In The Eagle´s Shadow; Unfaithfully Yours; Dead End Drive In; Jaws; Kiss Me Deadly; Die blaue Hand; Il Boss; The Savage Seven; Die Büchse von Pandora; Five Graves To Cairo; Dazed & Confused; Fandango; Breathless (McBride); The Matrix (n u r der 1. Teil!); Supercop/Police Story 3; Shaun Of The Dead; The Psychic; The Mack; The Year Of The Dragon; Twisted Nerve; Road Games; Switchblade Sisters; Indiana Jones – Raiders Of The Lost Ark; White Lightning; The Bonnie Parker Story; Dark Of The Sun; Dirty Mary Crazy Larry; Hi Diddle Diddle; Pretty Maids All In A Row; Chinese Boxer

MEINE Top 50 LIEBLINGSSPIELE AUF „MEINEM“ AMIGA (1986 – 1993), soweit ich mich jetzt erinnere ...

Kick Off / Kick Off II; Shadow Of The Beast II; Persian Gulf Inferno; Sensible Soccer; Chambers Of Shaolin; North And South; Wings Of Death; Shadow Of The Beast I; Monkey Island; Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Adventure von Lucas Art); Great Courts 2; Speedball 2; IK +; Budokan; Pirates; Barbarian II; Prince Of Persia; Another World; Turrican I / Turrican II; Ninja Mission; Wings Of Fury; Unreal; Bundesliga Manager II; Populous / Popoulos 2; Lemmings; Powermonger; Dragon Ninja; Special Forces; Hostages; Lemmings; Agony; Ninja Mission II; Mega Lo Mania; Dyna Blaster; Second Samurai; New York Warriors; Dogs Of War; Zak McKracken; SWIV; Flashback; Legend Of Kyrandia; Alien BreedMoonstoneLegend Of Kyrandia; Cannon Fodder; Torvak The Warrior; Supercars 2; Chaos Engine; Lionheart; Syndicate